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Fantastic and original this statement lighting will be a conversation feature for any room.

The Strand Electric Patt 23 theatre spotlight circa 1950's.

This iconic example of British design, and the workhorse of theatre lighting, was originally manufactured by The Strand Lighting Company in their Covent Garden works in London’s West End.


We have taken this one, removed the flaking paint and debris and given it a light buff and polish to enhance it's beautiful industrial design.

The old wiring has been removed and replaced with new, a modern household screw in lamp / bulb and fitting has been installed up to a maximum of 100 watts more than enough for your mood / feature lighting.


To compliment this light we have mounted it onto an original 1940's Beech / Ash surveyors Tripod thus making the light adjustable in height and enabling the light to swivel and rotate on the tripod for maximum effect.

The tripod and fittings have also been stripped of flaking varnish, sanded and a couple of coats of a satin water based intergrain bench/floor sealer have been applied to enhance the overall look.

The Leather strap has also been restored and is now functioning well.


Overall a lovely feature light and tripod showcasing some quality British design and style.



Vintage Strand Theatre / Stage Light

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