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This vintage sledge / sleigh has all the feel of old school ski holidays and winter family fun with some warm coasy nights by the fire after the snowball fights.


Manufactured from timber and steel it still retains it's original paintwork and pin striping.

The main slats have been replaced at some point in it's life with what appears to be reclaimed Rimu / Matai.


The Sledge is well made and most likely dates from 1930's all the bolts and connections are sound  and there is no evidence of rust or corrosion.  Therefore I would be more than happy to put the wee ones on this for a play if required.

Alternatively hang it on the wall in your home, cafe or ski orientated business and watch the nods of admiration come in.

Either way a great piece of Winter nostalgia.



SIZE :  1020mm long x 575 at it's widest point x 175mm high


CONDITION : Overall very good for age, some age related marks, scratches.




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Vintage Snow Sleigh / Sledge

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