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This vintage factory light originating from Europe has been re wired with a three core certified  cable and a NZ three pin plug.


The light has been well cleaned and oiled and then fixed onto a hardwood timber block which can then be wall or desk fixed as required.


This is a rod and ball type anglepoise where the movement comes from a round ball in the base, middle and top joint.

Please note the central knuckle joint has a restrictor Allen key bolt fitted which can be removed if required to allow for additional movement.

The bottom and central rotating balls are adjusted by way of a wingnut.



Height : TBC

Shade: TBC

Base ; 200mm x 125mm x 45mm base


CONDITION : Overall good for age with related marks, scratches. and dents.




International shipping available, please contact us for a quotation to your desired location.

Vintage Factory Anglepoise Light

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