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This vintage Davos sledge / sleigh has all the feel of old school ski holidays and winter family fun with some warm coasy nights by the fire after the snowball fights.


This one is in great condition for it's age and could still be used as originally intended on the slopes or maybe you would just like a great display piece for the winter Bach , home or ski business.


SIZE :  1080mm long x 359mm  x 240mm high


CONDITION : Overall very good for age, some age related marks and light varnish wear.




NZ only available on this item.




The history of the world renowned Davos sledge started in the 19th century. Carpenters from Davos worked on further developing the Norwegian sledge. The sledge was given its name at the first, historic toboggan race in 1883 in Davos. At that time, daredevil sledge pilots hurtled on Davos sledges down the snow-covered streets from Davos-Wolfgang into Klosters. The same year, the English poet and literature critic John Addington Symonds founded and presided over the Davos International Toboggan Club. At that time the club was still known as the "Davos Toboggan Club". One of the co-founders of the club was also the first winter spa guest of Davos: Hugo Richter.

Also suitable for less hurried riders

The Davos sledge is traditionally fashioned from ash wood and is 80 to 130 cm long. The position adopted on a Davos sledge is more upright than on a toboggan. In contrast to a toboggan, the Davos sledge is controlled with the feet - by positioning the foot adjacent to the inside edge in the snow. The sledge is also braked using the feet. Davos sledges are slower than toboggans and are therefore popular amongst less hurried riders.

Vintage Davos Snow Sleigh / Sledge

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