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Vintage Beam's bourbon decanter made and produced in Kentucky USA circa 70's / 80's depicting the Maori Chief Hone Heke.


This rare decanter is in overall excellent condition for it's age with the original mini 'brochure' still in place which details some history around Heke  and the decanters production.

According to the description the decanter came with a small musical box at the base. This is missing from the base and no longer there.


The decanter is now empty and the top third is easily removed and accessible if required.

The decanter was manufactured for the New Zealand sports foundation.




SIZE :  330mm tall x 120 mm wide at base.


CONDITION :  Overall excellent for age, musical aspect not working / unknown. Still showing good colour.


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Heke was born at Pakaraka, south of Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands, in 1807 or 1808. His father was Tupanapana and his mother Te Kona. He was named Heke Pōkai, after his mother's brother Pokaia. He grew up in the Kaikohe area. As a youth, he attended the Church Missionary Society school at Kerikeri in 1824 and 1825 and came under the influence of the missionary Henry Williams. Subsequently, he, his first wife Ono (daughter of Te Pahi) and their two infant children were converted to Christianity. He and his wife were baptised on 9 August 1835, Heke Pōkai taking the Christian names Hoani or Hōne and Wiremu, and Ono taking the name Riria (Lydia). Hōne Heke became a lay preacher in the Anglican church. Riria and the children died soon after and Heke married Hariata (Harriet) Rongo, daughter of Hongi Hika, in the Kerikeri chapel on 30 March 1837.

Despite becoming a Christian, it was as a warrior and as a leader of a Māori rebellion that Hōne Heke is best known. He took part in the fighting on the beach at Kororareka in 1830 that is known as the Girls' War. After that fighting he participated in Tītore's expeditions to Tauranga in 1832 & 1833, and he fought with Tītore against Whiria (Pōmare II) in 1837.



Vintage Beam's Hone Heke Rare Decanter

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