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Vintage print circa 1960's of Julia Martin from the Collection of the Auckland Art Gallery.


Still showing great colour, detail  and depth this print is all ready to hang and admire for years to come.


 Treat yourself to some affordable NZ / Aotearoa history and artwork that will look fantastic pretty much anywhere it's displayed.


To compliment this print we have had it professionally framed with a dark solid decorative timber. The print is protected behind a non glare UV 70 resistant glass.

On the back of the frame we have added some info that may be of interest regarding the subject matter.



Originally painted by the artist Gottfried Lindauer.

To avoid being drafted by the Austro-Hungarian army Lindauer left for Germany in 1873. From there he sailed for New Zealand on the Reichstag in 1874, arriving in Wellington on 6 August.[4] Many prominent Māori chiefs commissioned his work, which accurately records their facial tattoos, clothing, ornaments and weapons. A series of life-size portraits of Maori chiefs and warriors exhibited by Sir Walter Buller at the Colonial and Indian Exhibition, 1886, were all by Lindauer, who had made the "Maori at home" a subject of special study. Lindauer's Maori paintings are, like many by Ellen von Meyern and Frances Hodgkins, associated with symbolist portraits of demure females with or without a child. One of these, a young poi dancer without a facial tattoo, was so admired by the Prince of Wales that Buller gave it to him. His most famous works are portraits of Heeni Hirini, also known as Ana Rupene, carrying a baby on her back. Lindauer painted this image 30 times.

After visiting his native land in 1886–87, he settled in Woodville, near Wellington, having shortly before married Rebecca, the daughter of Benjamin Prance Petty. They had two sons, Hector and Victor, the latter a phycologist and teacher.  Lindauer died in 1926 and is buried in the Old Gorge cemetery in Woodville.

SIZE : 315mm high x 290mm wide x 24mm deep.


CONDITION : Frame as new, print shows great colour and depth for age.




International shipping available, please contact us for a quotation to your desired location.

Vintage Auckland Gallery Print / Julia Martin

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