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We love these old Victorian original British rainwater Hoppers.

Simply fix to your garden fence or house wall bung up the bottom with a sponge and you have an instant feature plant / herb pot.

Made from cast iron they have survived this long and still have many years use left in them.

We have left them in they're original condition as the flaky paint and rusty bits only add to the overall great character.


$48 + gst per Hopper


SIZE : 235mm high x 160mm deep x 260mm wide to end of fixing lugs.


CONDITION : rusty inside, flaking paint, solid with no cracks, many years left in these.

Victorian Rainwater Hoppers

  • Please note that the price shown excludes postage and NZ gst tax calculated at 15% of the total. These are shown during the checkout process. Thank you.

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