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 An original vintage theatrical unfolded window card movie poster circa 1932 starring James Dunn & Boots Mallory, plus art of El Brendel, a very rare window card.


Handle with Care, the 1932 David Butler romantic family melodrama (with "Screen play by Frank Craven and Sam Mintz"; about a poor young man who is starting to have success but then meets a pretty single woman with two young children and he wants to get involved with her, but the kids don't understand ) starring James Dunn, Boots Mallory (a pretty young lady who had appeared in the Ziegfeld Follies, but she only appeared in ten movies in the 1930s; she gained notoriety for posing for lingerie photographs and for being painted nude by Rolf Armstrong; one of her early movies was with James Cagney, and she married his brother William, and was later married to Herbert Marshall), El Brendel, George Ernest, and Pat Hartigan


SIZE : 560mm x 360mm


CONDITION : Fair to good. The card had a cut down the right handside sometime in it's life going through the right of the woman's face and into the title. Tape has been applied to the rear of the restoration.


1932 US Window Card 'Handle With care'

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