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Bring back the birds in your garden with these ex electrical versatile glass pylon insultors.

Easy to hang up from the verandah, eaves or your favourite tree, sprinkle in the bird seed and wait for the bird song forthwith.

These also look great with tea candles in for evening drinks and barbecue ambience your guests will be suitably impressed.


Solid, heavy and durable these will be around for years to come.

We have upcycled two types, Rope or chain just let us know which you prefer.


INSULATOR SIZE : 260mm diameter x 160 body height, length of rope approx 600mm


CONDITION : Excellent, no cracks, 

Upcycled Insulators

  • Please note that the price shown excludes postage and NZ gst tax calculated at 15% of the total. These are shown during the checkout process. Thank you.

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