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An original US one sheet, style B poster for the Re release 1975 James Bond Film festival.  This is a rare poster that is in excellent condition for its age with good clean colour showing. 


A fantastic piece of affordable and different artwork a great converstaion starter and a nod of approval from your guests will be forth coming.


Please note this sale is for the poster only.


SIZE : US One Sheet 1040mm x 690mm ( 41 inches x 27 inches )


CONDITION : Originally folded, Overall excellent for age, showing good colour.


SHIPPING : Worlwide available.




James Bond continues on his fourth mission, with his aim to recover two stolen warheads. They have been taken by the evil SPECTRE organisation. The world is held hostage and Bond heads to Nassau. Here, he meets the beautiful Domino and is forced into a thrilling confrontation with SPECTRE agent Emilio Largo, on board his boat, the Disco Volante. Will 007 prevent the killing of millions of innocent victims? Written by SIMON_HRDNG   


Thunderball / James Bond 007 Film Festival 1975

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