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Good  looking original Australian Daybill film poster for this 1963 Western, drama, action film


SIZE : 765mm high x 330mm wide



Excellent for age, showing great colour.Edge tear on fold line.





Ex-Confederate Texan Brian Keith and some fellow ranchers, fed up with the low prices offered by carpetbaggers, drive their cattle up north to sell to the Army. They encounter a sympathetic Buffalo Bill Cody (Robert Culp) and Calamity Jane (Judi Meredith) and obstacles.

It's a theatrical movie, but it's lit and has a score like a TV western: bright colors like a 1960s Louis Lamour paperback, and intrusive music that tells you precisely how you're supposed to feel at any moment. The script by Gene L. Coon is sympathetic to the Texans; Coon is, of course, best remembered as one of the producers of the Original STAR TREK, which was pitched as "WAGON TRAIN in space"; Coon also wrote several episodes of the Western series.

The Raiders / 1963 Australian Daybill

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