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Original Tretchkoff print 'The Lost Orchid' from 1948, still housed in it's original frame and complete with original backing paper and name, this print is one Tretchkoff's more sought after pieces.


FRAMED SIZE : 517mm wide x 565mm high x 38mm deep.




Overall good for age, paint missing from frame ( this acually adds to the feel of the piece ) some minor dirt /damp marks to print which can only be seen from certain angles and light, some minor dirt to the inside of the glass.




( Quote courtesy of Vladamir )

A much discussed canvas, for in spite of it's almost startling simplicity, there is a wealth of drama contained in this composition. This is certainly no still life. The teardrop is consistent with the artists belief that flowers are capable of feelings and even simple emotions. 

The Lost Orchid / Tretchkoff

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