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What can we say, these beautiful and very rare Solian wall art Seagulls will add the finishing design touch to any room you choose, just look at them and visions of seaside, beaches and the Bach spring to mind.


They were made circa early 1940's possibly late 30's by Simpson's Potters Ltd at Elder works, Cobridge in England.

They are a wall mounted decoration by way of a strong pin secured into the back of the art, therefore easy to mount and move if required.

Amazingly they come in their original box and soft packaging which makes this rare set even more complete and desirable.

The seagulls come with their original hand painted, glazed design.




APPROX SIZE :  96mm x75mm, 95mm x 55mm, 90mm x 40mm, 75mm x 38mm



CONDITION : Overall excellent for age. One Seagull has had a repair to the bottom of it's legs at some point in it's life, this does not affect the overall quality and appearance of the set ( Please see images for detail )

The original box is in overall excellent condition with a tear to two corners.





Earthenware manufacturer at the Elder Works, Cobridge. 

The Soho Pottery Ltd, jointly owned and managed by brothers Samuel and Thomas Simpson, changed its name to Simpsons (Potters) Ltd in May 1944. Samuel Simpson died in the same year and ownership and management of the business was continued by Thomas Simpson and, from 1947, by his son Robert W. Simpson. 

The Elder Rd Works were extensively modernised following the end of the war and the company were prominent manufacturers and exporters of mid-range earthenware in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1971 the company was purchased by the Pfaltzgraff Company of York, Pennsylvania, the largest stoneware manufacturer in the USA. Under the new owners the factory was again modernised and in addition to traditional Simpson lines, the Pfaltzgraff 'Museum Collection' was produced and marketed. In January 1976, however, Pfaltzgraff announced the ending of tableware production although the factory continued to produce a small volume of stoneware cookware. 

Simpson's most well known pattern is Belle Fiore, a bold freehand-painted underglaze design in nine colours. It was first advertised in 1940 and was still in production when tableware production ceased in 1976. Rights to the pattern were acquired by Wood & Sons Ltd and a 1977 advertisement in Tableware International illustrates Woods 'Belle Fiori' pattern. 

Trade names include ‘Solian Ware’ and ‘Ambassador Ware’ also used by the Soho Pottery Ltd,  and ‘Chinastyle’ and ‘Marlborough’. Marks include the company name.


© Mike Perry 2010

Solian Wall Art Seagulls

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