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Superb items like this Vintage Sectric Smith's Doric Kitchen clock don't appear very often so when they do it's lovely to be able to showcase them.

With it's lovely pastel blue background this example comes unused with it's original Smith's sticker still on the concave clock face and rear.
The clock dates from the 1960's and comes in its original box with straw packaging.

This is a wired clock and will need to be plugged in to operate. We have removed the original British three pin plug and replaced with the NZ three pin alternative.

We have tested the clock and the movement is smooth, silent and sort of mesmerising.

Easily wall mounted this.piece would no doubt be a suitable candidate  for a vintage / retro / science museum but equally will be just at home in your kitchen bach, villa or  modern home.


SIZE :  185mm diameter, 55mm proud from wall.


CONDITION : As new, unused.

Original 1960’s Smith’s Sectric Doric Kitchen Clock

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