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London Underground Destination Panels make for fabulous display pieces.


Nice and rare these original paper posters date from the 1930's onwards and were usually pasted on to a board and mounted under the drivers window for passengers to see the end or one of the main tube train destinations.


Fancy one framed ? no problem we can supply a hand painted ( black or white finish ) solid timber frame made in house by our qualified carpenter, it comes with plexiglass and is ready to hang on your wall for an additional cost of only $180.00 + GST .

Just get in touch to arrange and we will be more than happy to oblige.


For even more wow and room ambience why not have your framed poster backlit this will certainly get nods of approval from your guests whilst offering some lovely mood lighting to it's location. Additional cost for backlighting is $ 120 + gst.


SIZE : These can differ slightly but approx 600mm x 135mm


COLOUR : Different shades of matt blue.


MATERIAL : Thick paper.


CONDITION :  good for age, some minor creasing and marks.


PLEASE NOTE : These destination panels are sold individaully as originally made, price per panel $55.00 + GST & postage.


Original London Underground Destination Panels.

  • Please note that the price shown excludes postage and NZ gst tax calculated at 15% of the total. These are shown during the checkout process. Thank you.

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