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It is not often that special vintage items as rare as these these come to market.


We were lucky enough to obtain five of these great pieces of original London Underground Transport history.


These small luggage racks have travelled thousands of miles and seen millions of people and their possessions come and go, now you have a chance to own your very own piece of collectable utilitarian London underground history.


They date from the 1960's and were originally mounted on the walls of now decommissioned underground trains that ran from Aldgate on the Metropolitan tube line out of the city of London.


These racks are made from aluminium and are so versatile and can be used pretty much anywhere in the home. Polish them up or leave them as they are, they will look great in the kitchen, hallway bedroom or bathroom.



Currently only two left in stock with Umbrella hook


SIZE : Width 420mm, Height 175mm ( to bottom of umbrella hook ) Depth 320mm


MATERIAL : Aluminium


CONDITION : Marks and scratches all consistent with age and use, may have the odd small ding.


Original London Underground Luggage Rack

SKU: VT0001
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