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An original industrial Herbert Terry "The Anglepoise" lamp in cream, with  original Ashley bakelite switched lamp holder, all original nuts, bolts, washers and paintwork. 

This is the short arm 1209 model circa 1950's possibly earlier. this particular model shares some parts with the earlier pre war Carwardine models, Herbert Terry often used whatever parts were to hand or in stock to make up lamps, this mainly refers to the switched Ashley lamp holders which I've seen on lamps claimed to be from the '30s, and the connector plates at the top, which have also shown up in the1930s Carwardine floor and wall lamp photos, they were used for more industrial use, while the lighter more common V shape were more for the domestic market. 

The bases are heavy solid cast iron short stem with faceted sides in fine crinkle finish paint and weigh over 5 kilos.The box section arms and shades are aluminium. The shades are very unusual, most likely they were for medical, science, laboratory applications as they are slightly larger than the domestic models. I've been informed that photos with this rare type of shade have turned up in dental/hospital photos in the past, there is no question that they are not originals, they are pressed with a channel in the tops to fit the chromed lamp holder clamp, and I have other 1209 lamps with identical shades.

They are extremely stable and hold their position at all angles, including at full stretch, with little or no wobble or looseness at the bases.

They were dismantled last year, cleaned, re assembled and rewired with modern British made double insulated twisted flex.

We recommend using classic style LED 8W bulbs (60W equivalent) they run much cooler and will prolong the life of the rare lamp holders and the extra weight makes no difference to the lamp's ability to hold position.

UK PAT electrically tested 2018.



Overall very good for age, rewired and tested, functioning very well with springs and arms holding their position.

Age related chips, knocks and scratches, some denting to the aluminium shade.



Hebert Terry 1209 Anglepoise Lamp

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