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Full size USA one sheet for this showgirl crime thriller extraordinaire from 1948 /49. A girl with a heart of ice !



SIZE : 1040mm x 690mm


CONDITION : Overall good for age, some creasing and some staining, fair to good, showing good colour.





Unscrupulous showgirl Flaxy Martin involves young attorney Walter Colby with mobster Hap Richie. A girl is murdered, with the evidence pointing to Flaxy, and Colby takes the rap and gets a 20 year sentence. San Malko gives Colby the clue to the real killer and, en route to prison, he escapes and is found by Nora Carson who shelters him. After escaping from one of Richie's gunmen, Walter heads for Flaxy's apartment, where she admits she double-crossed him. 

Written by LES ADAMS 

Flaxy Martin Original Film Poster 1948

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