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Get yourself some great retro artwork with this original film poster dated 1975 and made in the USA.

Printed on thick guage paper there is some age related minor wear but still a great poster with good colour.


This poster will make a fantastic addition to any vintage / retro  / modern interior.


SIZE : 1525mm x 1015mm


CONDITION : Rolled, overall not bad for age, minor tears and staining, good for display.




Thirty years after the end of WW2 a team of ex-GIs and ex-German soldiers plans to go behind the Iron Curtain, in Soviet controlled East Germany, in order to locate and retrieve a hidden Nazi treasure.However, the only man who knows the exact location of the Nazi loot is a Nazi war criminal who's imprisoned in the Siegfried military prison.Our team of treasure hunters is not discouraged by the slim odds of ever retrieving the loot.First, they have to get to the imprisoned Nazi official who buried the treasure at the end of the war at the order of his superiors.Second, they have to make the Nazi talk and reveal the exact location of the loot. Third, the team has to penetrate undetected in the Soviet occupied area of East Germany,retrieve the treasure and make off with it across the border without alerting the Soviets.  Written by NUFS68



1975 Inside Out Original film Poster

  • Please note that the price shown excludes postage and NZ gst tax calculated at 15% of the total. These are shown during the checkout process. Thank you.

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