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An original Argentinian theatre release poster for this 1966 BVS western films classic.

Showing some great and colourful retro artwork, smoking guns, whisky and dollars in this spagetti western starring Robert Wood. 


SIZE :  43" x 29"


CONDITION : Very good for age, nice bright colours, minor seperation on fold lines , number stamped.





American actor Robert Wood stars as Roy Dexter, a Civil War hero who is retiring and returning to town so he can run for governor against a man named Hamilton, also a military guy. We see him and his friend, Barry, both courting a lady named Mercedes (the beautiful Dana Ghia), who chooses Roy. Before retiring, he gets one more mission from his commander (played by genre regular Antonio Casas): to escort a shipment of confiscated Confederate gold back to Washington. However, he and his group are attacked by a gang of banditos led by a guy named Manuel (Jose Manuel Martin, another genre regular), and all are wiped out except Roy. When Roy finally returns to town, he finds that has been set up by his cousin Dave, for the theft of the gold. Dave was also in cahoots with Hamilton (who wanted him out of the governor's race), and Barry (who wants Mercedes). Roy is convicted, and sent to prison for life, but he manages to escape. He sneaks back to town disguised as a Mexican, and eventually gets his revenge on Dave, Barry, and Hamilton, and also clears his name in the process. The ending is somwhat unique, in that it's a Zorro-esque swordfight instead of the usual gunfight.



1966 Four Dollars for Vengeance Original Film Poster

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