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Great looking original New Zealnd Daybill film poster for this American action thriller starring Gene Hackman and released in 1971.


Showing some classic 1970's design this poster will look really cool with its retro action look and imagery.


SIZE : 760mm high x 333mm wide



Overall excellent  for age, showing great colour. Original fold lines.





William Friedkin's gritty police drama portrays two tough New York City cops trying to intercept a huge heroin shipment coming from France. An interesting contrast is established between 'Popeye' Doyle, a short-tempered alcoholic bigot who is nevertheless a hard-working and dedicated police officer, and his nemesis Alain Charnier, a suave and urbane gentleman who is nevertheless a criminal and one of the largest drug suppliers of pure heroin to North America. During the surveillance and eventual bust, Friedkin provides one of the most gripping and memorable car chase sequences ever filmed.Written by Tad Dibbern.

The French Connection NZ Film Poster

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